Saturday, 20 December 2014


Comprehensive win – who needs a striker? Bloke on BBC results said Palace’s ‘goal’ was wrongly disallowed, even though our experts called it right. So, brace yourself for all the negativity on MOTD, and tomorrows papers will be full of how Pellers didn’t do his homework cos with another goal we could’ve gone top, and how ater the rags stunning draw at Villa, they’re gonna win the league!.


Friday, 19 December 2014


Watched the Bournemouth v Liverpool game on Sky and noticed that the Cup didn’t have sky blue and white ribbons, as doesn’t the Prem league trophy and, of course, Sunday Supplement has the rags lifting the Prem league trophy at the end. No history? No wonder?
Managed to get KK 220 into the Manc outlets yesterday and it’s on sale tomorrow at the Palace game.
Here’s the It’s A Fix extract from KK220:


Second season back in the Prem. since their relegation in 2005. They went into administration in 2010 but were taken over by a fans consortium led by Steve Parish, but are looking to sell.
It’s the 45th league meeting, and latest connections are as long ago as Steve Coppell and Trevor Francis.

Some celeb fans : Neil Morissey, Bill Nighy, Kid Jensen, Eddie Izzard, Simon Bird, James Buckley, Roy Hudd, Ronnie Corbett, Tim and Rafe Spall, Jenny Agutter, Harry Enfield, Neil Ashton (journalist)

This season so far : They’re in 16th place with 15 points from 16 games and 1 win 4 draws and 3 losses away from home.

In the Capital One Cup rd 2 they won 3-0 at Walsall, but they went out 3-2 at home to Newcastle aet in the 3rd rd, and Newcastle went on to beat us 2-0 at The Etihad in the 4th rd. (but then lost at Spurs 4-0)

In the FA Cup 3rd rd  they’ve drawn  Dover away.

Last season : At the Etihad in December it was a narrow 1-0 City win, Dzeko (66) getting the all important goal in front of 47,107 with 2,199 Glaziers/Eagles.
At Selhurst Park in April it was that wonderful day when Stevie G slipped up and we went on to win 2-0 to put us in pole position for the title, despite still being in 3rd place! The bitter media had a field day complaining that we played the game out, instead of going for glory, unlike Liverpool a few days later who blew a 3 goal lead!
Dzeko put us ahead (4) then Yaya (43) sealed it. Crowd was 24, 269 with 2,540 Blues.

Our form at home to Palace: Last season’s win made it for City :  WWDDWLWDLWW

Comment : Summer signings included Kelly (£1.5M), Campbell (800K), Hangeland, Zahahaha (loan from rags), Fryer (£3M), McArthur (£7M), Doyle, with no major departures.
Tony Pulis left in the summer, a few days before the start of the season, they changed their mind on Malky MacKay and appointed Neil Warnock, again.
Still a struggle for them this season but they have pulled out a few results and have some match winners, so a good contest anticipated.

WTWTWShite? Averaged 6,446 in 84/85 and this season it’s 24,120.


Wednesday, 17 December 2014


Manu/Lpoolmirror’s David McDonnell’s article headline on Monday was  : Pellegrini: My £1bn squad can’t cope with Xmas fixtures. He never said that, of course, and next week they’ll be campaigning for a winter’s break. I must admit that the fixtures are ridiculous over the festive period – WBA away on the 26th then Burnley home on the 28th, then nothing until Jan 1st – Sunderland home, and 3 days later on Jan 4th Sheff Wed home,  seems a bit daft to me and I think Manuel’s got a point.
As for McDonnell, the shite he writes is relentless, and he should be banned from our club, needs a terrace lesson,  and made to stay at Old Trafford where he can drool as much as he likes whilst being snide about City like the rest of them. No wonder…..

Stockport Stockport give us a prayer! The new bishop of Stockport is a rag!!!!!! Stick that up you’re a*se you rag hypocrites. Wonder whio the Bishop of London supports!

I am pleased to announce that KK 220 is at the printers,thanks to the usual magnificent efforts from our contributors,  here’s an index I’ve knocked up  -
KK 220 Index

Front cover – has Samir and Pablo as gladiators with the caption We came, we scored, we conquered.

It’s A4, colour front and back cover, 44 pages, is £3 and should be out for the Palace home game, and subsequent games.

Pages 2/3 – Editorial sets the scene with general issues at games over the last month – has a pop at the manu/Lpoolmirror (as usual) and Sunday Supplement, plus club’s policy on various issues.

Pages 4 -7 – sacrilege maybe, but David Concannon  questions City’s all time greatest ever team.

Pages 7- 9 – Jon Cantrill’s City World daily diary – covers transfer targets, criticises City’s phone call questionnaire, and lack of response to his e-mail.

Pages 10 - 12 – The (controversial) Bunbury View – Paul  covers Whelan, Rodgers, the media…plus Robservations

Page 12 – Colin Savage is pleased to clarify our financial recovery…

Pages 13 -17 (+ P29) – HWIFY – covers all the recent games from Swansea to Leicester, which makes 100% happy reading.

Pages 18 – Uncle Ryan’s problem page – Mike takes topical issues and turns them into letters and answers.

Page 19 – 21 – Tony Petrie’s monthly round up – and this issue’s ‘tw*t in the hat’ goes to referee Mike Jones.

Page 22 – 23 (plus 28) – It’s A Fix – covers the busy period of festive games from Palace to Everton.

Pages 24 – 26 (plus 32) – Ged Sounds Off reflects on recent games, slates ‘This City pre match video’, half and half shirts, price of tickets, third round draw.

Page 27 – Bryan Duffy ponders on how funny it is (not) on the take on recent issues.

Pages 28 – 29 – KK Kompetition update, It’s A Fix extra, Another Chapter Ends – Neil Mather reflects on  the Platt Lane complex era.

Page 30 - 32– Savage Attack – Colin on Mike Jones, Whelan, Evans, FIFA/UEFA plus GSO extra.

Pages 33 – Shell Edmonds ponders life, including football, maybe!

Page 34 -37 – Burfield on media /agenda bias, general issues and form guide.

Page 38 -39 – Tangled up in Blue opens up the debate and takes the piss about the Mario situation (remember this is a fanzine, not the programme or City website or right wing (Mail) or left wing (Guardian) produced vehicle – it’s for City fan’s views and opinions.
Plus HWIFY extra and the Ed sez.

Page 40 – 41 – Howard Hockin runs his beady eye over the squad at half way stage.

Page 42- 43 – Steve’s soapbox on academy nostalgia and the feelgood factor, plus Howard’s review of the recent 1894 group meeting on safe standing, and the Blue Vic’s account of the opening of the academy.

Page 44 – Desert Dispatch – Simon’s zany take on recent events – Micah’s Italian lesson  ending abruptly when he thought fridge in Italian was fridgio!


Sunday, 14 December 2014

Worst ever Sunday Supplement

Sunday Supplement an absolute disgrace today, all about united and Liverpool with rags Patrick Barclay and Steve Bates. No mention of the Chimps league and our win at Roma, how wonderful it is for the rags to spend big (but not City), how City’s Academy will be no good as they won’t bring young players through compared with united’s academy, how the signing of Lampard was sharp practise but no mention of our injuries, and Barclay thinking that FFP is wonderful – but in fairness put down by John Richardson who thinks it’s bollocks!


Friday, 12 December 2014


At your age and with your experience Neil. You didn't have that bother with the Ed in Denmark!


Great win in Rome.
Thanks for all the contributions for KK220, it’s in the can ready for the printers, and we just hope that we can go to press on an even higher note with a win tomorrow.
It’s Leicester away of course. We’re in fine form, we’re their bogey team, their manager’s under pressure, telling some of their fans to f*ck off and die, Kasper’s injured, what could go wrong? Here’s the it’s A fix extract from KK219.

Promoted last season in top spot. 89th league meeting. 3 times League Cup winners.Recent connection Kasper Schmeichel

Some celeb fans : Noel’s mates Kasabian (top performance in Amsterdam says Funboy), Roy Cropper, Rustie Lee, Willie Thorne, Eng. Humperdinck, Showaddywaddy, Sam Bailey- fine singing at half time last season

Last meeting : Was in the Capital One Cup 5th rd last season, a 3-1 City win in December. Kolarov (8), Dzeko (41, 53) Crowd was 31,319 with 4,320 Blues.
Prior to that it was the FA Cup 3rd round games in 2011, 2-2 at Leicester, then 4-2 in the replay.
In the Prem it was a 3-0 loss at COMS in 2003/04 and a 1-1 draw at Leicester.

This season so far : They’re in 20th place with 10 points from 15 games.

In the Capital One Cup: they lost 1-0 at home to Shrewsbury in the 2nd rd.

Form at Leicester for City: DWW in the last 3 games.

Comment: Not too many summer signings, Ulloa (£7M)  being the main one but they got Barmby, Rowley, Lawrence and Powell on loan from the rags so what more incentive do we need? We generally have a good record v Leicester, and long may it continue. They did beat the rags 5-3 by the way!

Groundwise: The Kingspower stadium, capacity 32,262 with 3,000 possibly for City.

WWTWTWShite: Averaged 10,157 in 87/88 and this season it’s 31,569.

Pubs/parking: Local car parks
Away day zines : The Fox, swap with KK and is a tidy mag with a good attitude.
Sat Nav: LE2 7FL


Wednesday, 10 December 2014



History covered in KK 217.

In the Chimps League so far they’ve beaten CSKA Moscow 5-1 at home, drawn away to us,  (and lost 7-1 at home and 2-0 away to Bayern Munich. They’ve  will have played CSKA Moscow away on the night we played Bayern Munich.

This season so far in Serie A after 14 games they’ve got 32 points and are second to Juventus by 3 points, with 10 wins, 2 draws and 2 losses.
They’ve just beaten Roberto’s Inter 4-2 at home when our ex manager was sent to the stands, but only drew 2-2 with Sassuola (la la la la Lola) – weakened team?
In the game at The Etihad it was a disappointing 1-1 draw. Sergio gave us a great start with a pen (4) but Totti equalised (20). Crowd was 37,509 with 1,636 Romans (what did they ever do for us!)

Groundwise : They play at the 70,634 capacity Stadio Olimpico, which they share with Lazio but are moving to a new 55,000 capacity stadium in 2016.
In recent years they’ve played Liverpool, Arsenal and united in the Champions League, attacking English fans on each occasion in Rome, so be very careful out there..

Comment: We need a 2-2 draw or win and hope Bayern beat CSKA (surely) You’d reckon on a win whatever, so come on City play for pride at least.


Tuesday, 9 December 2014


After last nights performance Joe doesn't look to have any competition from Forster for his England place!
Putting together KK220 and got most of the regulars in so far but we have room for last minute contributions

Sunday, 7 December 2014


I’ve waited until after Goals on Sunday (not seen Sunday Supplement or the papers yet) before posting. There were 3 incidents scrutinised on MOTD and GOS - – the penalty, the Mangala incident and the Fernando one.
The fouls on Aguero which led to his injury were hardly mentioned.
Everton’s tactics to get rid of our genius completely cancelled out any grievances they might have had over the other decisions.
When are we going to get balanced punditry?

Friday, 5 December 2014


Had to give Sunderland a miss I’m afraid, leaving it to Steve P and Ged and co., luckily it was on at the (Rick) Astley and (Clive) Tyldesley Subbi club! (Ta to the wag on Blue Moon). We went along with Joe and Dolly. One nil down and here we go again we thought, as they scored a fluky goal. But Sergio weaved his magic for the equaliser, and I predicted a 4-1 win (no one heard) as the place erupted. You know the rest, a brilliant display, and a thoroughly deserved win to lay the SOL bogey.
On the night Chelsea beat useless Spurs 3-0, Arse beat Saints 1-0 and Everton could only draw with Hull 1-1.
Thursday morning and we nipped over to the brilliant Urmston book shop to drop off a few Us and Them books, not many left now so if you still need a copy please get in touch.

Today’s manu/Lpool mirror has David MacDonnell having an orgasm over the rags splashing another £150M out in the next two transfer windows. Nothing about ruining the game (again) or referring to them as ‘moneybags united’ or “money can’t buy success” or “no matter how much you spend, teams have to gel” or “Sunderland spent big nearly 60 years ago and went down” or “they’re just a bunch of mercenaries, only there for the money (they’re not even in the Chimps or Europa league) or even wheeling out Harry Redknapp to say “with the money they’re spending ANYONE could manage them to win titles” (even David Moyes).

Stuart Maconie was brilliant at the Bury Met last night. Very funny and entertaining, talking about his experiences, and books particularly The People’s Songs and Cider with the Roadies – get them  but only after you’ve bought Us and Them of course!

We play the Toffees on Saturday,bloody half five KO on grandaughter Ellie's 14th birthday, here’s the it’s A Fix extract from KK219:


Last promotion was in 1954, millionaires of the 60’s, last pot FA Cup in 1995, 163rd  league meeting, recent connections Jack Rodwell, Gareth Barry.
As always, eternal thanks to Bill Kenwright for telling Sheikh Mansour where to stick his money! Thank you, thank you Bill. And how pissed off must they be as Liverpool announce the expansion of Anfield?

Some celeb fans : Andy Burnham (Leigh MP and future PM), Freddie Starr, Amanda Holden, John Conteh, John Parrott, Ian Astbury, Austin Healey, Matt Dawson, Jimmy from Stolen Haven, Matt Teesy, Brian Price, Degsy Hatton, and Leon from goggle box!

This season so far: They’re in 11th place with 18 points from 14 games and 2 wins 3 draws and 2 losses away.
In the Capital One Cup they lost 3-0 at Swansea in the 3rd rd
In the Europa Cup, they’ve beaten Wolfsburg 4-1  and Lille 3-0 at home plus drawing 0-0 at Lille (where they took massive support) and 1-1 at Krasnodar, who they play at home on Thursday, so safely top the group.

Last season at the Etihad in October it was a fairly comfy 3-1 win though we did have a couple of decisions, unusually, go for us.  Lukaku (16) opened for them but Negredo (17)  Aguero (45) and Howard (OG 69) sent them packing in front of 47,267 with 2,826 Blue scouse.
At Goodison it was that 3-2 City win to set us up for the title with two home games left. Everton fans weren’t happy when they heard us singing the Slippy G song, but joined in when they cottoned on to the words!
Barkley opened for them (11) but Sergio went through the pain barrier and levelled (22), Edin notched a couple  (43,48) before Lukaku made us sweat (65).
Crowd was 39,454 with 2,891 Sky Blues.
We went top for only the 4th time in the season but stayed there til the end. On the way back to the car I overheard a pleased Evertonian on his phone saying “,no, let them av it”. No need to guess what the question was!

Form at home to Everton : Last season’s win broke the mould and made it for City : WLLLLW

Comment: In the summer they clinched the Lukaku (£28M), Barry, Besic (£4M), Eto’o signings but they didn’t hit the ground running though the Toffees have now picked up. We laid the bogey last season, can we repeat it this?

WWTWTWShite: Averaged 19,343 in 1983/84 and this season it’s 38,967


Wednesday, 3 December 2014


Surprise, surprise, a couple of positive articles in the Mirror today. Tomorrow it’s bogey boys Sunderland here’s the It’s a Fix extract from KK219:


Promoted in 2007, Last Pot F A Cup 1973. Most recent connections : Adam Johnson, Jack Rodwell, Costel Pantilimon. 125th  league meeting.

Some celeb fans: Steve Cram, Kate Adie, Bryan Ferry, Brian Marwood, Peter O’Toole, Sugar Ray Leonard, James Bolam, Heather Mills, Tasmin Archer, Paul Collingwood

This season so far : They’re in 13th place with  14 points from 13 games and 1 win 5 draws and 1 loss at home.

In the Capital One Cup they won 3-0 at Birmingham in the 2nd rd, but lost 2-1 at home to Stoke in the 3rd rd.

Last season : At the SOL in November we contrived to lose 1-0 for the 4th time in a row!
Bad boy and ex rag shithouse Bardsley got the goal after Milner was fouled in the 21st minute. Crowd was 40,137 with 2,501 Blues tucked away in the top tier behind the goal.
In the Capital One Cup Final on March 2nd : It was a 3-1 City win. They went ahead through Borini (9), but Yaya equalised with a stunner (55), then Samir made it 2-1 a minute later and Jesus settled our nerves in the 90th minute. Crowd was 84,697 with 31,580. Blues.

At The Etihad in April it was a 2-2 draw, somehow. We had a great start with a Fernandinho goal after 2 minutes, but Wickham (73,83) put the shits up us until Nasri (88) equalised courtesy of Mannone.
Crowd was 47,046 with 797 Mackems. We were in 3rd place with 5 games to go and title chances looked bleak !

Form at Sunderland That made it 4 losses, all 1-0, in a row after a draw and 4 wins.

Groundwise: We’re in the top tier of the stand they couldn’t fill, with chaos ensuing at the turnstiles down below.
Tickets : £34/£23

Stadium Of Light : Capacity : 48,300 (3,000 for City?)

Comment : In summer Rodwell (£7M), Buckley (£2m) Pantilimon, Gomez and Aanholt came in whilst Colback, Gardner, Bardsley and Westwood went, so not too much strengthening.
Indeed, Poyet’s boys aren’t pulling up any trees but got a point off Chelsea, and with our and the rags old boys will be really up for it, but it’s time we redressed the previous 4 1-0 defeats. Surely……

WTWTWShite : Avd 13,601 in 86/87, and this season their average home att. is 41,239
Pubs/parking :Plenty of pubs near the ground and street parking but hard to getaway
Away day zine : A love Supreme

Sat Nav : SR5 1SU

Monday, 1 December 2014


The papers were now full of how we’re not a one man team after all!
Pleasant run down to Southampton. Needless to say we got moved on by the stewards before the match, so had a good chat with various Blues. Frankly we were all worried that Saints might outrun and outfight us like they had done for the past two seasons down there but we were up for it right from the kick off, and despite poor refereeing decisions we rose above it and got the win, easier than anticipated. What is it with Yaya though? Nearly every match he spoils a great game by losing possession too easily and this time it led to Mangala’s sending off.
So a fine performance, dazzled by the sun most of the game, as spectators, and of events on the pitch!. As we left I overheard someone saying, it takes 4 hours to get here so why do they leave early? Well, if you must know we usually leave our seats and go down to the exits where we watch the last few minutes before nipping out to sell zines to our adoring public. Hope that’s cleared that one up then!
Terrible getting away from Southampton. Quick getaway then stuck on the motorways before getting onto the A34. AND we found surely one of the last remaining Little Chef’s in the country for a celebratory snack.
Papers today were surprisingly positive, running out of things to criticise us for maybe?
Two toughies coming up though –Sunderland away then Everton at home. Surely we can build on Sunday’s result despite our recent form at The SOL.

Friday, 28 November 2014


Black Friday
Just finished reading Stuart Maconie’s brilliant ‘The People’s Songs’ book. It’s the story of modern Britain in 50 songs. Strangely  though, this book, also a radio series, is not the ultimate book  that Stuart wants to write on this subject.  So the first question to ask is : what IS the ultimate book that Stuart intends to write, and when will it be published?
There are also a couple of queries that I’d pose.
The first is my old hobby horse, the lack of recognition (also by Mark Radcliffe in his book, Reelin’ in the Years) of The Moody Blues’ contribution to rock music. ‘Days of Future Passed’ coming out shortly after Sergeant Pepper, a concept album with possibly the first psychedelic album cover.
I also found it amusing and slightly hypocritical (!) that Terry Hall lamented on the demise of his home city, Coventry, but chose to support…Manchester united!
Stuart’s on at The Met in Bury next Thursday, so a chance maybe to ask these questions.

Next, I did ‘I Don’t Wanaa Miss a Thing’ – Aerosmith, on the mic last night (but without Tyler’s screeching bit) . I watched a bit of the X factor recently and one of the contestants made a great  job of it. He was slated by the panel for his choice of song, and that Mel B woman even said it had been “Done to Death”.
Unbelievable. These people are supposed to be experts, and they obviously know f*ck all. It’s a bloody difficult song to sing and in 25 years of karaoke (also slated by the X factor panel) I’ve heard it done by 3 others apart from meself, once brilliantly, twice not so good.
So there!!!

Back to the footy, and on Sunday it’s a handy trip to Southampton, a one thirty kick off ffs. Here’s the It’s A Fix extract from KK219 :

Third season back in the top flight. Last trophy was the FA Cup in 1976 when, as a second division club, they beat red hot favourites, the rags by 1-0. Recent connection is Matt Mills.73rd league meeting.

Some celeb fans : Craig David, David Gower, David Frost, Fiona Phillips, Holly Valance

This season so far : They’re in 2nd place with 26 points from 12 games with 5 wins 1 draw and 0 losses at home.

In the Capital One Cup they won 2-0 at Millwall in the 2nd rd, Arsenal 2-1 in the 3rd rd, and Stoke 3-2 in the 4th rd. They travel to Sheff United in the Q/F.

Last season at St Mary’s in December it was a 1-1 draw. Aguero opened (10)  but Osvaldo equalised (42) and that’s the way it stayed. Crowd was 31,229 with 2,541 Blues.
At The Etihad in April it was a 4-1 City win. Goals came from Toure (3P), Nasri (45 +1), Dzeko (45+4), and Jovetic (81) with Lambert (37P) notching for them.
Crowd was 47,009 with 1294 Saints.

Form at Saints : Last season’s draw made it for City: DLDWLWDDWW. So we’ve only lost two out of the last ten down there.

Comment : Bloody hell, traumatic summer for the Saints. Ins include Long (£12m), Mane (£11M), Tavic (£10M), Forster (£10M),and Pelle( £8M) who’ve more than compensated for the losses of Shaw (£31.5M), Lallana (£23M), Lovren (£20M), Chambers (£12M), Lambert (£4M) and Osvaldo went to Inter. Koeman has replaced Pochettino and is doing even better than his predecessor, so we really know what we’re up against, and any slackness will be punished.

Groundwise : St. Mary’s capacity : 32,690 (3,000 for City) LHS stand behind the goal for Blues
Tickets: £42/£37

WWTWTWshite : Averaged 11,612 in 1955/56
and this season it’s 29,843.

Parking : Local to ground if you can but hard to get away.



Wednesday, 26 November 2014


What a night last night. We had a snack in City Square pre match and was joined by a couple we see regularly. Apparently they’d booked with Thomson’s in September for the trip to Rome, but had just been informed that it was cancelled. Ridiculous.
Great start yet again, one nil up and they were down to ten men, so just needed to hold our nerve. 2-1 down and a corner in the last minute of the half. So what do we do? Piss about.
Plenty of good passing by Bayern but few chances. It looked a bit ominous but with a few minutes to go Alonso then Boateng cocked up and Sergio took full advantage to put us 3-2 up on a glory glory night. Whatever happens now we can at least hold our heads up. Looked forward to today’s papers. Surely even the manu/lpool mirror wouldn’t find a negative angle.
Headline is : City spend hundreds of millions ..but are still a one man team..
So there you go, we’ve won the Prem twice, runners up once, the Cup once, runners up once, and the League Cup once, all as a one man team. Phenomenal. Bayer were weakened but we weren’t despite Silva, Yaya, Kolarov, Dzeko, Fernandinho all missing. OK we mugged them, just like the rags when they fluked the Euro Cup v Bayern that time when all the headlines were glory glory man united.
Rags mugged the Arse on Saturday, and the papers reckoned Wenger should resign.
Anyway, we just need a result at Roma, and hope CSKA lose at Bayern. .